Austrian Music Export is a joint initiative of the Austrian Music Information Center mica – music austria and the Austrian Music Fund in close cooperation with the organizers of the Austrian booths at international music trade fairs. Austrian Music Export is supported by AKM/GFÖM, FAMA/WKO, go international – an initiative of WKO and BMWFW, the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs, The Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria, by IFPI/LSG,  AUME/SKE Fund and Wien Kultur




Austrian Music Export’s aim is to be a service and resource center for exporters of contemporary Austrian music in all genres and aspects (recordings, live, synch, etc.). This includes providing access to information on Austrian artists and companies, building a substantial network of industry professionals and media, providing travel support and representing Austrian music at international trade shows, conferences and festivals. Austrian Music Export promotes international showcases of local artists and develops measures to strengthen international exploitation of Austrian repertoire by acting as a catalyst for export-oriented Austrian labels, agencies and artists.

For a quick overview, head over to our Austrian Music Export highlights in 2016 or check out the festival cooperations in 2017.


  • Promotion of Austrian music (websites, database, newsletter)
  • Providing access to information on Austrian artists and companies (website, database, newsletter)
  • Development of promotion tools & international partnerships to increase the presence of local artists and releases; public and media relations
  • Providing professional advice to artists and companies (consultation, workshops, help desk, legal advice)
  • Representing Austrian music and the Austrian music industry abroad (trade shows, conferences, festivals)
  • Facilitating the participation of local artists, labels, agencies and other companies
  • Organization of showcases and country nights; handling of concerts and showcases of Austrian artists, development of special events
  • Organizing the international conferences at Waves Vienna Music Festival & Popfest Wien


  • Support of Austrian artists, record labels, agencies and artist management companies to showcase at professional music industry events
  • Funding of travel expenses, advertising costs, etc. up to a maximum of 1.000, – € (non-repayable) in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber


  • Building  a substantial  and sustainable national and international network of industry professionals and media
  • mica in cooperation with the Austrian Music Fund is a co-organizer of the European Talent Exchange Project (ETEP)
  • mica is a member of the International and European Music Council (IMC/EMC) and the Europe Jazz Network
  • AME works with national organizations and festivals partners: IG World Music Austria, Waves Vienna, Popfest Wien, Jazzfestival Saalfelden.


  • Showcase Funding (Austrian Music Fund)
    In addition to the conventional music trade fairs like jazzahead, Womex and the likes where the Austrian music industry is represented by national stands, specialized events for the European and international live music industry were established in recent years. In the context of an internationalisation campaign these platforms are to be used more intensely for export cooperations and international exchange. The main aim is a continuous presence of local artists and companies at these events, festivals and conferences on the one hand and the organization of special events to emphasize individual priorities in key markets on the other hand.

Austrian Music Export is frequently present at the following international events: