41st International Jazzfestival Saalfelden

The INTERNATIONAL JAZZFESTIVAL SAALFELDEN is looking forward to welcoming audiences from August 16 to 22, 2021 to about 60 concerts featuring Anna Högberg, Angelika Niescier, the Kaja Draksler Octet, and Chuffdrone. Other highlights include artist-in-residence Christian Reiner performing five of his projects and KUU! and Edi Nulz presenting their new albums. The program also features The True Harry Nulz, Dell/Lillinger/Westergaard, Ceramic Dog, Katharina Ernst, Moor Mother & Lukas König, Alexander Hawkins, GeoGeMa, Dsilton, Punkt.Vrt.Plastik, AHL6, and many more.

Twice a year, the international jazz scene meets up in Saalfelden for a big show-down. Against the backdrop of a breathtaking mountain-scape, musicians from all over the world showcase their extraordinary talents. Ranging from intense listening experiences to exuberant dance parties, concerts take place on various stages in the city as well as on Alpine pastures.

Against all odds, the festival was able to successfully host our Jazz Weekender in August 2020. This year, they are heading towards more “normal” conditions, even though the exact meaning of “normal” remains to be determined. On Monday, the festival kicks off with musical walks, concerts in the mountains, and evening performances at Kunsthaus Nexus. Starting on Thursday, the Short Cuts concert series launches at the Nexus. Concurrently, musical encounters will take place at the Fuchs Bookbindery. The city park will turn into an outdoor stage and meeting place for international and local visitors. From Friday to Sunday, four national and international bands will take the main stage at the Saalfelden Conference Center.

AUSTRIAN ARTISTS AT this year’s festival

As international travels improve, but continue to have some hiccups and restraints, a good portion of the line-up consists of Austrian artists, in new and old formations. Rounded out by an impressive batch of stellar international artists in the program as well, the festival once again rises to the occasion, and maintains its global reputation.

Sain Mus+

photo of Sain Mus+

Clemens Sainitzer – cello, electronics
Philipp Erasmus – guitar, electronics
Daniel Romstorfer – drums

For the Viennese trio sainmus+ there are no genre boundaries or sound pigeonholes, all sounds that can be extracted from the instruments are used, brute and sensitive! They don’t stop at wild effect experiments or free improvisations. Every song has its own sound cosmos, which is explored intensively live and thus makes every concert unique.

Richard Koch Quartett

Richard Koch – trumpet
Lukas Kranzelbinder – bass
Michael Hornek – piano
Lukas König – drums

We bike Jazz

Birds against Hurricanes

Biberg Tour (c) Klemens König

Alex Pinter – guitars, ukulele, compositions
Viola Hammer – piano
Paul Schuberth – accordeo​n

David Helbock

“The New Cool”

David Helbock (c) Lynhan Balatbat
David Helbock (c) Lynhan Balatbat

David Helbock – piano
Arne Jansen – guitar
Lorenz Raab – trumpet

Three renowned bandleaders & solo artists of European jazz come together to form a very special trio. What unites them is the love for clear themes, melodies, harmonies, with a strong rhythmic grounding. Qualities that originate in the cool jazz of the 40s and 50s which philosophy the trio continues using the jazz vocabulary of today.


Thomas Liesinger – trumpset
Robert Schröck – saxophone
Leonhard Skorupa – saxophone, clarinet
Markus Schneider – guitar
Tobias Pöcksteiner – bass
Lukas Aichinger – drums

AHL6 (c) Stefanie Freynschlag
Jazz is one thing above all: music without boundaries! Lukas Aichinger’s project AHL6 embodies exactly this understanding. There is much to appreciate about this band: the bandleader’s willingness to take risks, his solid playing and powerful drum sound; the seemingly endless wealth of ideas of guitarist Markus W. Schneider; a wind section capable of combining precision with a beautifully muscular sound. The improvisations of the band members are convincing throughout, but the real star is the ensemble and the music itself: it is dense without being hectic; complex and quirky but never alienating – each piece leads the listener with a sure hand along the path determined by the composer.

Reiner / Weber

Christian Reiner (c) Saalfelden Jazzfestival

Christian Weber – bass
Christian Reiner – voice

Alex Miksch & Band

Alex Miksch (c) Andreas Jakwerth

Alex Miksch – vocals, guitar
Anna Anderluh – autoharp, vocals
Jelena Popržan – viola, jaw harp, vocals
Philipp Moosbrugger – bass
Andreas Hellweger – drums

Edi Nulz

Siegmar Brecher – clarinet, sax
Julian Adam Pajzs – guitar
Valentin Schuster – drums

Edi Nulz (c) Antonia Renner
Edi Nulz (c) Antonia Renner

Edi Nulz walks the line between musical amalgam and bastard, often throwing the beat only to find back to track at one fell swoop or with a little sleight of hand. Last but not least, their devil-may-care handling of styles and effects means these guys are having the time of their lives – which also holds true for their audiences. Thus each Edi Nulz concert turns into a joyful tightrope walk between insanity and precision, precision and frenzy or frenzy and tennis. Grand audio drama, baby.

Moor Mother & Kœnig

USA, Austria

Moor Mother (c) Bob Sweeney

Moor Mother – voice, electronics
Lukas König – drums, electronics


“Spring bevor du fällst”

Lukas Klein – voice, guitar, piano
Florentin Scheicher – melodica, trumpet
Roman Geßler – saxophone, flute
Lukas Chytka – cello
Jakob Lang – bass
Florian Röthel – drums, percussion

Clemens Wenger

“Physics of Beauty”

Clemens Wenger (c) Alex Gotter

Austria, Italy

Alessia Scuderi – design, visuals
Gianluca Monaco – coding/programming, visuals
Clemens Wenger – augmented piano, composition


Vegeta (c) Vegeta

Martin Zrost – saxophone
Helge Hinteregger – throat
Lukas Kranzelbinder – bass
Lukas König – drums

Elektro Guzzi

Elektro Guzzi (c) Klaus Pichler

Bernhard Hammer – guitar
Jakob Schneidewind – bass
Bernhard Breuer – drums

Christian Reiner


Christian Reiner & Martin Siewert (c) Michael Geissler

Austria, Switzerland, USA

Christian Reiner – voice
Martin Siewert – guitar
Christian Weber – bass
Philipp Zoubek – piano, fender rhodes
Jim Black – drums

Lavant Trio

Christian Reiner (c) Christian Reiner

Christian Reiner – voice
Susanna Gartmayer – bass clarinet
Katharina Ernst – drums


Georg Vogel – clavitones, composition
David Dornig – 31-tone guitars
Valentin Duit – drums

Der Nino aus Wien

Der Nino Aus Wien (c)Der Nino Aus Wien

Nino Mandl – vocals, guitar
Raphael Sas – vocals, guitar, piano
pauT – vocals, bass, clarinet
David Wukitsevits – drums, vocals


“The Kidnapping of Ståle Storløkken”

Hang em high (c) Hang em high

Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Norway

Bond – 2 string bass, electronics, bass
Lucien Dubuis – bass clarinet
Alfred Vogel – drums
feat. Ståle Storløkken – fender rhodes, electronics

Rdeča Raketa & Patrick K.-H. & Ivan Marušić Klif

“.. and can not reach the silence”

Rdeca Raketa (c) Leonie Spitzer

Maja Osojnik – vocals, live sampling, dj-cd player and other electronic devices
Matija Schellander – modular synthesizer, laptop
Patrick K.-H. – video
Ivan Marušić Klif – video

Erwin & Edwin

Austria, Germany, Switzerland

Michael Mosbacher – guitar
Georg Huber – trumpet
Valentin Reiter – tuba
Simon Gramberger – drums

Erwin & Edwin (c) Mercan Sümepe

Erwin & Edwin – 4 musicians, one mission: to unite funky brass and electronic sounds of various kinds to make the audience dance and rave!

Erwin & Edwin spent a good 3 years working on the perfect sound for their debut album, which saw the light of day on 18.03.2016. Embedded in a story against racism and xenophobia, the band proves their musical diversity with “Messing”. A genre-crossing work that stimulates both dance legs and brain cells.

Gnigler / Riahi / König

Jakob Gnigler (c) Peter Gannushkin
Jakob Gnigler – saxophone
Mona Matbou Riahi – clarinet
Lukas König – drums

Katharina Ernst solo

Katharina Ernst – drums


Kry (c) Kry

Mona Matbou Riahi – clarinet/fx
Philipp Kienberger – bass
Alexander Yannilos – drums


GeoGeMa (c) GeoGeMa

Gerald Preinfalk – reeds
Georg Vogel – microtonal keys
Matheus Jardim – drums

The True Harry Nulz

Austria, Switzerland, Germany

(c) The True Harry Nulz
Siegmar Brecher – bass clarinet
Nils Fischer – bass clarinet
Julian Adam Pajzs – guitar
David Koch – guitar
Samuel Huwyler – bass
Valentin Schuster – drums
Dominik Mahnig – drums


“Actio / Re:Actio”

Chuffdrone (c) Ralph Kuehne
Chuffdrone (c) Ralph Kuehne

Lisa Hofmaninger – saxophone, bass clarinet
Robert Schröck – saxophones, clarinet
Jul Dillier – piano
Judith Ferstl – bass
Judith Schwarz – drums

Spiritual Unity Session

hosted by Lukas Kranzelbinder

Those who ever were lucky enough to witness the end of the festival were a part of a legendary evening in the Nexus Bar. Under the direction of Austrian bassist and composer Lukas Kranzelbinder, various musicians will bundle the energy they have gathered during the festival and release it concentrated on the audiens at the “Spiritual Unity Session”. Unite the spirits!

For the full program, and all the details your heart desires, check the festival website.