5 Million Pesos: Duo Costa/Ziemann

Photo of Duo Costa/Ziemann (c) Simon Rainer
Duo Costa/Ziemann (c) Simon Rainer

5 Million Pesos is a monthly concert series featuring young jazz in and from Austria, presented by the Radiokulturhaus Vienna and the Radio Ö1 jazz department.

Duo Costa/Ziemann

Valerie Costa – voice
Danny Ziemann – double bass

The Tyrolean singer Valerie Costa will already be familiar to regular 5 Million Pesos concertgoers: she appeared almost a year ago in the series, as part of bassist Anna Reisigl’s AR Project. Now, she returns with a – completely different – program of her own, a duo with the Austria-based New York bass virutoso Danny Ziemann.

Costa and Ziemann met in Graz, where the Innsbruck-born singer attended college (she has since moved to Vienna). The duo released their debut CD, And That Would Be…, in late 2022: a collection of beautifully intimate, austere renderings of classics out of the American Songbook – this evening, they’ll be serving up these gems live.

Concert: Friday, January 26th, 8 p.m. @ RadioCafe
Airdate: Ö1 Jazznacht, March 23-24, moderated by Andreas Felber