/kry in 2021 by Amin Ebrahimi
/kry (c) Amin Ebrahimi

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“5 Million Pesos” – Young Jazz in and from Austria. A concert series by RadioKulturhaus Wien and Ö1 jazz editors. For the December edition: /kry.

Concert time & place: Fri Dec. 9, 2022, 8 pm, KlangTheater, Radiokulturhaus


Mona Matbou Riahi (clarinet, effects)

Philipp Kienberger (bass)

Alexander Yannilos (drums)

Founded at the end of 2019, the trio /kry consists of three busy young musicians of the Viennese improvisational music scene, who presented their self-titled album debut in this constellation in 2022. Musically, Mona Matbou Riahi (clarinet), Philipp Kienberger (bass), and Alexander Yannilos (drums) strike an idiosyncratic path from classically inspired chamber music to free rock and electronics. Although small, the ensemble is capable of huge energetic development. The clarinet sound, distorted by means of effects, seems like that of an electric guitar, and it merges with bass and drums to form an unusual sculptural whole.

In cooperation with the Ö1 jazz department.

For tickets and more info, go to the ORF Radiokulturhaus site.

Broadcast on the Ö1 Jazz Night: Jan. 7th/8th, 2023 (Xavier Plus)