AHB in Zagreb Presents: Hella Comet

AUSTRIAN HEARTBEATS, 13.11.2014, Zagreb

On Thursday, November 13, 2014, a delegation of Austrian artists, record labels and music professionals will head to Zagreb for a networking and exchange visit. The Austrian indie music scene is as rich and varied as ever, but is mostly unknown in Croatia. This Austrian Heartbeats event will provide Croatian music and media professionals as well as the local audience an opportunity to connect with the Austrian music scene.

The night of the networking event will present some of the most interesting new Austrian bands and is developed in cooperation with Muzika.hr, Waves Vienna Festival and supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum Zagreb as well as by Advantage Austria.

Follow this link for more information: >> AUSTRIAN HEARTBEATS IN CROATIA


Through density and clarity, tranquillity and noise – Hella Comet manage to meander between the extremes of rock music. Their new full – length album „Wild Honey“ is the most recent example of their blend of styles and aesthetics. It’s danceable, but brings a certain heaviness to the table without rubbing elbows with rock & roll machismo. It is not entirely about sound experiments – there is a sincere approach to songwriting that ties this album together. Their dense wall of sound is built on a mellow undercurrent that exudes serenity, excitement, fragility and rigor.

To put it in pop historical terms: take the essence of 60’s bands in the vein of the Velvet Underground and the Stones and place it in a contemporary, retro-free, yet not naive and undistinguished context. This is rock music that embraces noise just as much as tasteful pop. Lea Sonnek’s vocals move from exhaustion to ecstasy, post-punk meets shoegaze – and none of these elements ever phase each other out, they merely work together to form a cohesive whole. Hella Comet pile up force and fragility in a way that adds to their overall sound and makes „Wild Honey“ their most liberated and direct effort to date . This is rock of the postmodern age and stands atop a giant pile of music history with a cheeky grin on their face.

Current album:
Wild Honey (Noise Appeal Records/Sounds of Subterrania/Cargo, 2014)