Art-Mobility Presents Guide to Working in Germany

Photo of Bavarian border (c) pixabay
(c) pixabay

Austria is a relatively small music market next to a much larger one, so cross-border work is always an issue. What do I need to keep in mind when I play a concert in Germany? What’s the deal with taxes, social security, invoices? The Austrian mobility information center Art-Mobility, together with its German counterpart touring-artists, have put together a guide and are offering workshops on navigating the bureaucracy between the two countries.

Austria has a pretty robust music scene for its size, but let’s face it: the possibilities aren’t endless. Growing means thinking internationally (which, by the way, is exactly what we at Austrian Music Export are about) – but as soon as you widen your scope, things get a little more complicated. Thankfully, the Austrian mobility information center Art-Mobility is here to help. Together with their German counterpart touring-artists, they’ve compiled a guide to navigating cross border work with all the ins and outs of social security, contracts, and taxes (both income and VAT) between the two countries.

The guide is in German, and we’ll be honest: they do their best to keep it clear, but once it gets into tax territory, it’s dense. Fortunately, the good folks at Art-Mobility are also offering workshops on this very subject – in both German and English.

Art-Mobility also has an excellent, clearly structured homepage with information on every aspect of artist mobility. There’s some overlap with mica – music austria, but their specialization means the relationship is very much complementary.

Finally, their help desk is ready and waiting to serve up advice on your personal situation (via mail, phone, video chat, or in person) or schedule a workshop. So if your summer tour in Germany (or wherever) is giving you a bureaucratic migraine, contact them today:

Phone: +43 660 554 3823