Simon Vosecek

Simon Vosecek by Nafez Rerhuf

Šimon Voseček was born in 1978 in Prague and began studying composition at the Prague Conservatory with Otomar Kvech. At the same time he sang in choirs, one of which he also directed, and learned languages (German, Russian, Italian). 2002, after the … read more »

Sixtus Preiss

Sixtus Preiss, a native of Vienna, came into contact with making music as a child and deepened his knowledge in a classical piano training. However, he also developed a fondness for old electrical junk, especially radios, which had to be taken apart … read more »


Strings & Noise © Julia Wesely

Cellist Maiken Beer and the violinist/violist Sophia Goidinger-Koch founded the duo strings&noise in 2015. The goal of these musician friends is to free their string instruments from the romantic context and, in doing so, to reflect on stereotypical role models for female … read more »

Susanna Gartmayer

Composer/improviser/performer; bass clarinet/contra alto clarinet/alto saxophone She works in the fields of “multi-ideomatic“ improvisation, experimental rock, contemporary music and multi-media sound research. Susanna Gartmayer studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna and the Glasgow School of Arts and was self-taught in … read more »

The Javus Quartet

Javus Quartett by Theresa Pewal

The Javus Quartet is a young string quartet from Salzburg. It was founded in 2016. They were significantly influenced in their musical development by Lukas Hagen (Hagen Quartett). After moving to Vienna, where the quartet is currently based, Johannes Meissl (Artis Quartett) gave further … read more »

The Vegetable Orchestra

Vegetable Orchestra (c) Zoefotografie

This year the Vienna-based Vegetable Orchestra is celebrating its 15th anniversary. Currently the orchestra comprises ten people, in alphabetical order these are: Jürgen Berlakovich, Nikolaus Gansterer, Susanna Gansterer, Barbara Kaiser, Matthias Meinharter, Jörg Piringer, Ernst Reitermaier, Richard Repey, Ingrid Schlögl, Ulrich Troyer, … read more »

Turumtay Zaric

TURUMTAY ZARIC- two cosmopolitans with Turkish and Serbian roots, Efe Turumtay and Nikola Zarić live in Vienna. From there they are touring Austria and all around the globe: Argentina, Japan, Bulgaria,Greece, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Scotland and others. To them the album’s titel … read more »

Vier halbiert

Vierhalbiert © Julia Wesely

The musicians behind Vier Halbiert follow the mission of putting old and new music into a sustainable dialog. Originating from the quartet’s unusual combination of a violin, baroque violin, cello, and baroque cello, a comparison is attempted which encourages the exposure of … read more »

Viola Falb

Viola Falb with saxophone by Martin Bilinovac

Viola Falb, who is currently based in Vienna, studied classical and jazz saxophone at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. Falb’s artistic interests have always been across a broad musical spectrum, and this can be heard in her many … read more »

Wolfgang Mitterer

Mitterer studied organ, composition and electroacoustics in Vienna and Stockholm. His current home is Vienna. He is not only one of the Austrian specialists for electronics as well as being equally brilliant on the keyboard and on the slide controls, but is … read more »