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Doderer, Johanna

Johanna Doderer (c) Maria Frodl

The composer Johanna Doderer was born in Austria in 1969. She studied with Beat Furrer, Klaus Peter Sattler and Erich Urbanner. For years, Johanna Doderer has been dealing with the issue of dynamics and simultaneity in music. The focus of her creative … read more »

Duo Dinovski-Schuberth

Dinovski-Schuberth, Bandfoto des Duos mit Akkordeon © Tijana Dinovski

The music of the accordion duo Dinovski-Schuberth is all about provocation and improvisation. The two young accordionists from Upper Austria (Paul Schuberth) and Macedonia (Atanas Dinovski) like to indulge in their mutual passion for Balkan music, Scottish and Irish sounds, jazz and … read more »

Duo Doblinger/Neyrinck

Duo Doblinger Neyrinck (c) Hannes Dufek

As proven with their prior projects, ensemble collaborations and performances, bass clarinetist and choreographer Teresa Doblinger and pianist and composer Frederik Neyrinck have artistically and musically always leaned towards more unusual musical paths. The exploration of the phenomenon of sound, the bridge … read more »

Duo FreDo

Duo Fre Do: Frederik Neyrinck, Doris Nicoletti © Sieglinde Groeßinger

At first glance the instrumentation of Duo FreDo is quite classic with piano and flute – anything but traditional, is its repertoire with compositions from the recent past. Doris Nicoletti and Frederik Neyrinck have made their marks in contemporary music as members … read more »

Duo Stump-Linshalm

Duo Stump Linshalm (c) Viktor Brazdil

Two clarinet players are an admittedly very small line-up, but this duo’s courage and propensity for the eccentric which have inspired numerous composers to compose for them. Among them are big names such as Pierluigi Billone, Beat Furrer, and Chaya Czernowin. Petra … read more »

Elisabeth Schimana

Elisabeth Schimana (c) Reinhard Mayr

Since the 1980s the musician and composer Elisabeth Schimana has been active as one of the Austrian female pioneers of electronic music with projects marked by a radical approach and equally unconventional aesthetics. After completing vocal training, she earned degrees in composition, … read more »

Emily Stewart

Emily Stewart, born in London & raised in Costa Rica, lives & works in Vienna. She studied classical music as well as jazz and improvisation; her own work weaves these diverse influences into a unified whole. As an instrumentalist, her unique flexibility … read more »

Ensemble PHACE

Ensemble PHACE (c) Pressefoto

Ensemble PHACE is one of the most renowned ensembles in the country. Founded in 1991 by composer and conductor Simeon Pironkoff (then still as ensemble on_line) the ensemble courageously tackles both complex pieces and innovative ways of playing and, in the process, … read more »

Ensemble Reconsil Wien

Ensemble Reconsil Wien (c) Maria Frodl

Since its founding in 2002, the Ensemble Reconsil Wien has amassed a tremendous stylistic range from new music from all over the world and innovative concert cycles of seldomly performed pieces to classics of the 20th century. The fact that the Vienna … read more »

Fuchs, Reinhard

Reinhard Fuchs, Portraitfoto © Markus Bruckner

Reinhard Fuchs (*1974) first studied accordion at the Brucknerkonservatorium Linz (1991-1995) and then trained as a composer with Michael Jarell (1996-2002). In 1997/98 he spent a year at the University of Miami, Florida. Further valuable impulses for his compositions derived from his … read more »