BartolomeyBittmann (c) Max Parovsky

The bridge that the two string musicians Matthias Bartolomey (cello) and Klemens Bittmann (violin, viola, mandola) draw in their diversified musical renditions, ranges from classically-oriented chamber music, through various sidesteps towards jazz, to accents of rock and pop. As BartolomeyBittmann they share … read more »

Baubo Collective

Baubo Collective by Andreas Hoyer

Baubo Collective is a contemporary music duo, consisting of recorder player Lorina Vallaster and cellist Anna Maria Niemiec. Already in their unusual instrumentation the ensemble goes beyond the framework of a “traditional duo”. Enriched by extended playing techniques, prepared instruments, singing, gestures, … read more »

Beat Furrer

BEAT FURRER was born in Schaffhausen (Switzerland) in 1954 and received his first musical training on piano at the Music School there. After moving to Vienna in 1975, he studied conducting with Otmar Suitner and composition with Roman Haubenstock Ramati at the Hochschule … read more »

Bernd Richard Deutsch

Bernd Richard Deutsch (c) Stefania Amis

The Lower Austrian composer Bernd Richard Deutsch can already refer to numerous successes. Awards and performances of his works at major events prove that this is one of the most promising composers of the younger generation in Austria. Old and new – … read more »

Bernhard Lang

Bernhard Lang © Harald Hoffmann

The compositions of BERNHARD LANG, born in 1959 in Upper Austria, go beyond the acoustic sound experience, since the meaning of his creative work is just as important as the musical result. In addition to music-related studies such as piano and composition, … read more »

Billy Roisz

Lives and works in Vienna, Austria. Since the late 1990s, Billy Roisz has been dealing intensively with video and sound. Her work focuses on  the links and gaps between visual and auditive perception. Roisz questions the interaction between sound and image, the … read more »

Black Page Orchestra

Blackpage Orchestra (c) Igor Ripak

Named after a composition by Frank Zappa, the Black Page Orchestra has emerged as one of the most promising young ensembles in Austria within just a few years. Key to this is its consistent search for radical, uncompromising, and sometimes provocative pieces … read more »

Burkhard Stangl

Guitarist and composer Burkhard Stangl works in the fields of improvisation, electronica and contemporary classical. Among many others he played, recorded and collaborated with musicians / groups / composers /artists like Anestis Logothetis, Franz Koglmann, Radu Malfatti, Gunter Schneider, John Butcher, Franz … read more »

Christian Reiner

Christian Reiner is a poetry, prose and experimental text speaker. He works solo and in various formations on radio plays, theater projects, readings, concerts and CD recordings. His works are mostly found in the intermediate area of language and music. He has … read more »

Christina Ruf

Artist portrait

“She doesn’t want to set herself any musical boundaries, and thus to her it’s about “not only playing the cello, but making music”. For this Ruf let’s herself be inspired by diverse sounds and the aesthetics of words, and integrates the cello … read more »