Chaos String Quartet

Chaos String Quartet by Andrej Grilc

Founded on the rich interdisciplinary concept of chaos, the Chaos String Quartet combines a highly refined ensemble culture and a fiery vitality with an affinity for embracing unpredictability and risk-taking, enriching their playing with a unique dynamism and vibrancy. Recently awarded at … read more »

Christian Reiner

Christian Reiner is a poetry, prose and experimental text speaker. He works solo and in various formations on radio plays, theater projects, readings, concerts and CD recordings. His works are mostly found in the intermediate area of language and music. He has … read more »

Christina Ruf

Artist portrait

“She doesn’t want to set herself any musical boundaries, and thus to her it’s about “not only playing the cello, but making music”. For this Ruf let’s herself be inspired by diverse sounds and the aesthetics of words, and integrates the cello … read more »

Christoph Cech

Christoph Cech studied percussion, jazz piano, jazz theory and composition at the Conservatory of the City of Vienna and architecture at the Vienna University of Technology. Since the early 80’s he has appeared as a pianist, composer and conductor in numerous ensembles with … read more »

Clementine Gasser

Clementine Gasser, born in Lucerne, Switzerland, studied at the conservatory of her hometown with Prof. Peter Leisegang and, from 1999-2002, jazz composition at the Conservatory of Vienna. Cooperations include: with Jeunesse Musicale, the Austrian Broadcasting ORF/Ö1 and the Vienna Burgtheater. Concert activity … read more »

Duo Dinovski-Schuberth

Dinovski-Schuberth, Bandfoto des Duos mit Akkordeon © Tijana Dinovski

The music of the accordion duo Dinovski-Schuberth is all about provocation and improvisation. The two young accordionists from Upper Austria (Paul Schuberth) and Macedonia (Atanas Dinovski) like to indulge in their mutual passion for Balkan music, Scottish and Irish sounds, jazz and … read more »

Duo Doblinger/Neyrinck

Duo Doblinger Neyrinck (c) Hannes Dufek

As proven with their prior projects, ensemble collaborations and performances, bass clarinetist and choreographer Teresa Doblinger and pianist and composer Frederik Neyrinck have artistically and musically always leaned towards more unusual musical paths. The exploration of the phenomenon of sound, the bridge … read more »

Duo FreDo

Duo Fre Do: Frederik Neyrinck, Doris Nicoletti © Sieglinde Groeßinger

The Duo is no longer active under this name. At first glance the instrumentation of Duo FreDo is quite classic with piano and flute – anything but traditional, is its repertoire with compositions from the recent past. Doris Nicoletti and Frederik Neyrinck … read more »

Duo Stump-Linshalm

Duo Stump Linshalm (c) Viktor Brazdil

Two clarinet players are an admittedly very small line-up, but this duo’s courage and propensity for the eccentric which have inspired numerous composers to compose for them. Among them are big names such as Pierluigi Billone, Beat Furrer, and Chaya Czernowin. Petra … read more »

Electric Indigo

Electric Indigo, DJ, composer, musician, has performed in 45 countries across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. She represents an intelligent and distinguished interpretation of techno and electronic music. Her DJ-sets are characterized by a wide variety with a clarity of vision and … read more »