/kry in 2021 by Amin Ebrahimi

/kry is an instrumental trio, formed in 2019 by Alexander Yannilos, Mona Matbou Riahi and Philipp Kienberger in Vienna. The band’s eccentric blend of contemporary grooves, avant-garde jazz and electronica leaves it completely untethered from any single genre and defying categorisation. /kry’s … read more »

A Thousand Fuegos

A Thousand Fuegos, Portraitfoto © Matthias Peyker

A Thousand Fuegos is the pseudonym of the Austrian artist Matthias Peyker. Peyker, who was born in 1982 in Villach, Carinthia, started his music project in 2006. He first started as a folk artist with acoustic guitar and was associated with the so-called Lo-Fi. … read more »

airborne extended

Photo of Airborne Extended by Fabian Schober

airborne extended is a quartet for contemporary music consisting of flute, recorder/Paetzold, harp and harpsichord, with electronics, objects and performance. The ensemble was founded in 2013 and its unique instrumental combination offers the possibility of creating a wide range of new sounds and … read more »

Alex The Flipper

Alex The Flipper, Coverfoto für die Single "Wonder", 2016 © Bangus Records

Inspired by the earlier years of electronic music, namely nineties trip-hop and French house, Alex The Flipper began to develop a signature sound rich with textures of different synthesizers and high-pitched sampled vocal hooks. We first heard this sound back in 2014 … read more »



The project „alllone“ was founded by three producers based in Graz and Vienna. Formed out of loneliness, they joined forces to continue their quest through electronic beatmaking. Gravitating towards 170bpm, but never limited, they seek for harmonic and distorted sounds in their … read more »


ANTHEA by Samuel Haller

Personal vulnerability and souvenirs seized from across genres yield the unique pop music of Vienna-based artist Anthea. Their soundscapes transgress what they are proudly rooted in: artpop, noise, hardcore, screamo. Anthea ‘s works, which always seek to process some inner conflict, are … read more »


Asfast, Foto © Philippe Gerlach, unsafeandsounds 2017s

Leon Leder aka Asfast is one of the most promising new discoveries of the Austrian club scene. The experimental electronic producer from Graz has been exciting audiences with reduced, concise tracks that combine elements of diverse progressive club genres from grime to … read more »

Austrian Apparel

Austrian Apparel

Dominik Traun and Sebastian Wasner met on a film set as a sound mixer and boom operator and quickly became friends. Since 2012 they have been playing a wide range of electronic live music, from hip hop and broken beat to ambient … read more »


Viennese producer B.VISIBLE is always pushing his craft forward with each concept being an evolution. His music is mutating organically as each project brings novelty but always while blending sharp electronic components with dusty acoustic layers. That duality exists in every aspect … read more »


Photo of beachamp-geissler (c) Andrea Fantino

beauchamp*geissler’s music doesn’t abide by the rules of musical genres: they juggle multilingual texts, shift between composed and improvised music, intersperse songs and soundscapes. Their distinctive sound makes them unique. Based in Vienna, the duo consists of Marta Beauchamp (vocals, cello, electric … read more »