press photo of Adaolisa

adaolisa uses her diverse cultural experiences to weave together music that incorporates several genres, consciously deciding not to stick to one alone. She grew up in the City of Gold, otherwise known as Johannesburg, constantly surrounded by music that spoke truth to … read more »


Aivery, Bandfoto © Tina Bauer

Guitar, bass, drums: Aivery is a young band from Vienna. On their full-length debut “Because”,  Aivery reveal themselves to be a band that doesn’t worry about being hip and prefer instead to do their own incredibly cool, authentic, and unglamorous thing. Franziska Schwarz … read more »

Alicia Edelweiss

Alicia Edelweiss by Franz Reiterer

Alicia Edelweiss is an Austro-British singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, actress and visual artist based in Vienna. She started her musical career as a teenage street musician without money, hitch-hiking all over Europe for two years. Now you could try to describe her music as … read more »

Alpine Dweller

alpinedweller by alpinedweller

Alpine Dweller has been playing concerts since 2015 and evolved from busking to grand stages. Concerts in Egypt and Scandinavia, Turkey and India are just examples of their international concert experiences. Collaborations with many musicians widened their horizons and inspired their improvising … read more »


ANGER (c) Dela Charles

ANGER is the musical tandem of Julian Angerer and Nora Pider. Originally from Brixen, they moved to Vienna, where they found their signature melancholic future-pop sound. They define themselves as “emo boy meets skater girl“ – a relationship of friendship and love that … read more »

Anna Mabo

Anna Mabo by Thomas Schrenk

Sometimes it’s hard to remember: What was life actually like before Anna Mabo existed? Who could have guessed how much power, how much feeling and wit would come our way? How her songs would carry us away? She has changed us. Her … read more »

Another Vision

Photo of Another Vision (c) Gabriel Hyden

A grain is a tiny snippet of sound that lasts for 5 to 20 milliseconds. If you string together several grains, new sounds emerge. Another Vision’s grainy pop is an intimate dance between high gloss and image noise. Clouds of sound, a … read more »


ARAI shot by Anna Szalachy

Artur Aigner, known as ARAI, is a 28-year-old songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who has introduced his unique signature sound, “DRAMA POP,” with his debut album. Having learned various instruments such as violin, drums, guitar, and piano in his childhood and adolescence, he … read more »

Ash My Love

Ash My Love, Bandfoto © Mario Lang

If there is one thing you can say about Ash My Love, it’s that a perfectly polished, super smooth sound is definitely not their thing. Andreas Dauböck (drums, guitar, vocals) and Ursula Winterauer (bass, vocals) are the two heads behind the Viennese … read more »

At Pavillon

At Pavillon by Patricia Narbon

When Tokio Hotel appeared on MTV for the first time in 2005, it was clear to 12-year-old Mwita Mataro that he also wanted to play big stages with his own band, sing rock anthems and be loved. But as a black musician, … read more »