Attwenger, Coverfoto für die DVD "#106 Attwenger Film / Attwenger Adventure" © HOANZL

With a wild mix of folk, punk and hip hop, Attwenger are certainly one of the most exciting and talked-about formations in the Austrian music scene. For over two decades the Upper Austrian duo consisting of Markus Binder (drums, vocals, jew’s harp) … read more »


Atzur by Tim Cavadini

ATZUR is an Austro-Spanish duo in the world of Alternative Pop that met on Tinder. Together they create a sound that lives between north and south, warm and raw, free and epic. Between Florence+The Machine and Woodkid, with a pop and punk attitude. Formed … read more »


Aze by Amelie Strobl

Alone they are Beyza and Ezgi; together they form Aze. Since 2020, the duo provides us a nonchalant insight into their deepest inner selves with their sound mix between sad & sexy and charming yet playful lyrics. Aze combine all facets of … read more »

Bad Weed

Bad Weed (c) Siluh Records

Vienna’s number one blitz pop band BAD WEED are ready to present their debut album. They craft infectious power pop with a heavy dose of early UK sound in their veins, a must listen for all fans whose hearts beat faster at … read more »


Baits by Kurt Prinz

BAITS are a force of nature that you shouldn’t miss – no matter if live on stage, pressed on vinyl or on social media. On their debut album “Never Enough”, released in early 2021, they have proven immense catchiness. Hookline after hookline … read more »

Bernhard Eder

Bernhard Eder by Nico Hafner

Vienna’s Bernhard Eder is known for his inspiring lyrics and distinct yet gentle voice. His music combines elements of classic and modern, mixing lo-fi acoustic, indie and psychedelic styles. He is inspired by classic artists such as Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Air and … read more »


Bibiza © Amine Sabeur

“Since his first releases in 2018, Viennese rapper Bibiza has been a guarantor of progressive hip-hop from the Austrian capital.”- diffusmag (Translated from the German original) Bibiza raps. Bibiza produces. Everything is designed and developed in a DIY manner. Not on his … read more »


photo of Bilderbuch (c) Lucas Christiansen

The story behind Bilderbuch is like a fairy-tale come true. From the humble beginnings as an under-appreciated school band in Upper Austria to international success – it’s all there. But Bilderbuch is anything but a classic rock-band, and anyone who takes a second … read more »

Bipolar Feminin

Bipolar Feminin (c) Apollonia Theresa Bitzan

If their first EP Piccolo Family sounded like a cry of empowerment, Bipolar Feminin have since gained a passionate following through their rousing live gigs and have actually become something of a force. have actually become a kind of power. “We feel … read more »

Bon Jour

Photo of Bon Jour

Bon Jour is an alternative rock band founded in 2022 whose identities have been hidden behind computer-generated 3D heads. Their first single, “Blue Moon”, propelled them straight to number one on the FM4 charts, and their first live appearance was opening for … read more »