5K HD (c) Hanna Fasching

5K HD is the moniker of Austrian jazz band Kompost 3 and singer Mira Lu Kovacs of Schmieds Puls. They combine jazz, sound experiments, pop, and cinematic surprises. The ensemble is also expert at creating a subtle kind of funk. This supergroup, that doesn’t … read more »

Alicia Edelweiss

Alicia Edelweiss by Franz Reiterer

Alicia Edelweiss is an Austro-British singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, actress and visual artist based in Vienna. She started her musical career as a teenage street musician without money, hitch-hiking all over Europe for two years. Now you could try to describe her music as … read more »

Anda Morts

Anda_Morts by Jonas Hörbst

Musician Anda Morts is from Linz and is an indie-punker without any artificial attitude. The things the 25-year-old sings about make his audience feel his state of mind. In the stage between 20 and 30, this is often characterized by questions, by … read more »


ANGER (c) Dela Charles

ANGER is the musical tandem of Julian Angerer and Nora Pider. Originally from Brixen, they moved to Vienna, where they found their signature melancholic future-pop sound. They define themselves as “emo boy meets skater girl“ – a relationship of friendship and love that … read more »

Ankathie Koi

Ankathie Koi by Ina Aydogan

If anyone can lay claim to being the Voice of Vienna, Ankathie Koi surely tops the list. The singer, a fixture on the Austrian music scene since 2014, possesses not only a voice that will do pretty much whatever she demands of … read more »


Änn © Label4 / Raphael Moser

The Vienna based singer-songwriter ÄNN discovered very early on that music is her favorite way to communicate. Born in Tyrol with Brazilian roots, she wants to tell stories and reach people with her songs. Since 2018 the musician has been processing mostly very personal topics, … read more »

Anna Anderluh

Photo of Anna Anderluh (c) Maria Frodl

Anna Anderluh is a vocalist, composer, improviser, and multi-instrumentalist whose fragile, thought-provoking songs combine playful experimentation and improvisation with the accessibility of pop music. Her lyrics, in English and German, offer a lighthearted critique of modern life. She likes to accompany her … read more »

Ant Antic

Ant Antic (c) Erli Gruenzweil Lores

ANT ANTIC is the singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Tobias Koett. Somewhere between pop and club, his signature sound is reduced and uncompromising, putting essential elements and ideas into focus by getting rid of everything else. It wraps melancholy mood in urgent songs full of … read more »


ARAI shot by Anna Szalachy

Artur Aigner, known as ARAI, is a 28-year-old songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who has introduced his unique signature sound, “DRAMA POP,” with his debut album. Having learned various instruments such as violin, drums, guitar, and piano in his childhood and adolescence, he … read more »


Atzur by Tim Cavadini

ATZUR is an Austro-Spanish duo in the world of Alternative Pop that met on Tinder. Together they create a sound that lives between north and south, warm and raw, free and epic. Between Florence+The Machine and Woodkid, with a pop and punk attitude. Formed … read more »