Naked Cameo

Naked Cameo © Gabriel Hyden

It is very rare for a newcomer band to hit number one on Austria’s Spotify Viral Charts and number six in Germany with their debut single. However, this happened to NAKED CAMEO – Lukas Maletzky (git/voc), Maria Solberger (synth/backing voc), Patrick Pillichshammer … read more »

Nathan Trent

Nathan Trent (c) Marko Mestrovic

NATHAN TRENT is a London-based singer, songwriter and performer in the genres Pop and R&B. Born in Austria, he was raised bilingually in Italian and German in an artistic family. He started writing his first songs when he was eleven years old. … read more »


Nihils (c) Alina Raducea, Patricia Narbon

When NIHILS decided it was time to push their creative boundaries beyond building lethal ski-jumps and plummeting down the Tyrolean Alps, forming a band seemed a natural progression. They spent seven years refining their special blend of Electronic Pop with a vision … read more »


Nimikry © Svetlana-Selezneva

Behind Nimikry are the composer and flutist Alessandro Baticci and the composer, violist and inventor Rafal Zalech. Rather than ignoring classical instruments, the duo attempts to expand their potential, with the help of innovative technologies, utilising them in new ways. The band … read more »


Oehl © Alexander Gotter

OEHL are the Viennese songwriter Ari Oehl and Icelandic multi-instrumentalist Hjörtur Hjörleifsson. Oehl are German lyrics growing in an especially tight knit atmosphere where melancholy meets ease, where floating meets dance. Transition is what might best describe Oehl’s offering. It is music … read more »

Onk Lou

Onk Lou, Foto © Bernhard Kaufmann

The man is the definition of a musical entertainer. Positive energy combined with a sympathetic nature who needs no time to get the audience on his side. But it isn’t just his authentic performance that has scored points for the Lower Austrian … read more »

Orges & The Ockus-Rockus Band

ORGES & THE OCKUS-ROCKUS BAND – Orges Toçe’s voice is like a shovelful of gravel pickled in whiskey; his lyrics careen between cryptic sociopolitical pronouncements, back‐to-­the-­land utopianism, hymns to the bicycle and drunken philosophy. Orges & The Ockus­‐Rockus Band plays fingerpickin’ country … read more »


Oska (c) Tim Cavadini

Growing up in a small village in Lower Austria, OSKA moved to Vienna at 18 to study her first love: music. Born into a family of singers and musicians she discovered her voice at a young age. Her work in the studios … read more »


PAENDA (c) Patrick Münnich

PAENDA is pop. PAENDA is EDM with some rough edges. The Vienna based singer, songwriter and producer churns out tracks that are as colorful, diverse and different as her hair style. Sometimes emotional, sometimes bold and straight from the shoulder; PAENDA can … read more »


Based in her native Vienna, so far Pippa has released two critically acclaimed albums: 2019’s “Superland” that she followed up with “Idiotenparadies” in the summer of 2020. The latter features “Egal” which went on to become both a hit on highly influential … read more »