Hunger © Christian Lamb

Hailing from the suburbs of Vienna, the alternative pop/rock band Hunger first formed in early 2014, when Daniel Rumpel, Johannes Herbst and vocalist Lucas Fendrich started creating cinematic and atmospheric songs together. In 2015 the trio decided to relocate to L.A., where … read more »

Joe Traxler

With a musical style evocative of the early noughties love songs and groove-driven contemporary pop/rock, JOE TRAXLER is a homegrown Austrian talent. Drawing comparisons to artists such as Matt Corby, John Mayer, and James Bay, Joe’s musical maturity and forward-thinking independent approach … read more »


Leftovers by Hiroshi Langeder

The Austrian band Leftovers crafts music for the future with the means of the past and an unerring sense of the impertinence of the present. Their first EP, ‘If I Had A Mood Ring It Would Be Black Fuck You Mum It‘s … read more »

Melt Downer

Melt Downer, Bandfoto, 2018 © Clemens Nestroy

Wolfgang Möstl is always good for a few surprises. With his new project Melt Downer he presents a musical change of direction that is even more radical than anyone could have expected. Melt Downer is consisting of Wolfgang Möstl, Mario Zangl (both: Mile me deaf, … read more »


Modecenter 2022 by David Visnjic

If you want to know what Modecenter is all about, you can’t just listen to their music. You have to turn off your mind and give in to the raw musical energy of sometimes minimalistic, sometimes megalomaniac noisy post-punk that doesn’t want … read more »

Mother’s Cake

Mother's Cake by Mother's Cake

Helping rock with progressive elements find new fields of expression might be one the the musical goals of the Tyrolean band Mother’s Cake. With their debut album “Creations Finest” (Gab Music 2012), they managed to draw first attention to themselves. But it … read more »

My Ugly Clementine

My ugly clementine by Mala Kolumna

MY UGLY CLEMENTINE is a three-piece, non-male rock band, telling stories about self-confidence, empowerment, self-love, respect and equal rights. After being labelled a ‘supergroup’ for consisting of well-known musicians from the vibrant Vienna music scene early on in their career, they are … read more »

Parasol Caravan

Parasol Caravan (c) Philipp Hirtenlehner

Ready for take-off? Buckle up and hold on tight when the “fuzztronauts” of PARASOL CARAVAN start their spaceship and speed across the stage with the riff force of a supernova. The Linz-based band counts on calm psychedelic moments merged with heavy fuzz and driving guitar … read more »


PeroPero, Bandfoto © Vincent Ip

The music PeroPero have recorded is progressive metal in it’s most interesting and exciting form. Julian Adam Pajzs (guitar, vocals) und Valentin Schuster (drums) are the two brains behind this idiosyncratic band project. They have unpacked all of their musical and compositional tools for … read more »

Petrol Girls

Petrol Girls in May 2022 by Hanna Fasching

Time is supposed to mellow us, but for Petrol Girls it has distilled their feminist politics into an ever more potent cocktail. Fitting, given that their logo from day one has been a flaming molotov. Since their formation in 2012, the band … read more »