After their victory in the 2015 Radio FM4 Protest Song Contest with their debut single “Wladimir (Put Putin)” and an enormous YouTube hype at home and abroad (1.5 million views on Youtube!), RAMMELHOF was nominated for the Amadeus Austrian Music Award in … read more »


Roadwolf by Thomas Gobauer

Roadwolf is influenced by the metal and hard rock of the late 70s and early 80s, though the complexity of their music defies easy categorization –  in any case, the band members take comparisons with headliners of this era as a compliment. … read more »


Scarabeusdream (c) Kurt Prinz

Scarabæusdream is an orchestra of two: Their music is a duel of piano and drums that lets grow everything at the very moment of emergence and leads to an unconditionally present collision of sound. Without conforming to any rigid framework, they go … read more »

Sex Jams

Sex Jams are straight out of Vienna’s throbbing underground DIY scene, and are a thrilling live act that spit out spontaneous bursts of pure pop and overdriven noise-fuzz capable of disarming the mightiest of opposition. Their album Trouble, Honey packages Punk-pop with … read more »


Tenta (c) Mario Steinwidder

Tenta play art rock by their own definition. Those music lovers who also know how to gain something from other forms of the arts immediately feel addressed. Rock music that expresses itself not only in discharged testosterone, but also in artistic demands? … read more »

The Crispies

The Crispies © Lukas Gansterer

The Crispies are Tino Romana (vocals), Rob Wolfe (guitar), Parsa Sarraf (bass), and Peter Ferdinand (drums). They mix the full spectrum of modern urban music from Diplo via Tyler The Creator to Lil Peep (RIP) with Ty Segall- and Wavves-inspired garage rock … read more »

The Weight

The Weight by Jasmin Elmi

The Weight have lost their hearts to 1960s and 70s rock, and it’s obvious at all of their shows. They give themselves up to the music. They flood the audience with their sound and come across just like the rock legends they … read more »


TURBOBIER by Philipp Hirtenlehner

Turbobier was founded by the front man Marco Pogo in 2014 and rapidly ranked among the most famous punk rock bands in Austria. The success of their three studio albums and one live album was honored with the most prestigious music prize … read more »



Celebrated by fans and critics across the German speaking realm, Wanda are the shooting stars of the local music scene and “maybe the last important rock’n’roll band of our generation” (Musikexpress). Shortly after signing with the Austrian record label Problembär Records, they … read more »