Christian Bakanic

Bakanic (c) Julia Wesely

Christian Bakanic, an Austrian accordionist and composer, studied folk music at the Johann Joseph Fux conservatory in Graz, classical accordion at Graz University of Arts and has already made his mark as a jazz musician in Austria. His musical approaches and experiences … read more »

da Blechhauf’n

Da Blechauf´n, Bandfoto © Steve Haider / Da Blechauf´n

The formation Da Blechhauf’n is known as collective of seven brass musicians who play at full volume. What fist started as a Landverein (German for: non-profit association) the musicians turned into a pure brass band. Da Blechhauf performs at big brass festivals in … read more »


Fennesz - (c) Maria Ziegelböck

Christian Fennesz is a Vienna-based experimental musician with a global reputation. His digital manipulations of electric guitar have not only made a name for himself as a solo musician, but also brought him together with renowned musicians like Ryuichi Sakamoto or the British … read more »

Franz Hautzinger

Franz Hautzinger by Johannes Simon

Franz Hautzinger is a musician who has never allowed any restrictions to get in the way of his own creativity. Always preserving artistic freedom as the top priority, the trumpeter, composer and improviser continuously creates his own musical world, where the boundaries … read more »


Photo of Garish (c) Andreas Jakwerth

The Austrian indie-pop band GARISH are one of the most well known representatives of non-mainstream German-language music. Their trademarks include a unique instrumentation, and the almost poetic lyrical approach of singer Thomas Jarmer. The band releases there recordings across the entire German … read more »

Ja, Panik

Ja, Panik

No panic, Ja, Panik is in the house! This collaboration of five is one of the most engaging musical outfits to come out of Austria in recent years. Having moved to Berlin Ja, Panik quickly made a name as one of the … read more »

Mira Lu Kovacs

Mira Lu Kovacs (c) Ina Aydogan

“If you thought there was just no more space left in your life for singer-songwriters with acoustic guitars, you might be making a terrible mistake.Have a listen to Mira Lu Kovacs before you die. This woman knows how touse both herwide-ranging, changeable … read more »


Scarabeusdream (c) Kurt Prinz

Scarabæusdream is an orchestra of two: Their music is a duel of piano and drums that lets grow everything at the very moment of emergence and leads to an unconditionally present collision of sound. Without conforming to any rigid framework, they go … read more »