trio akk:zent

trio akk:zent by Marc Mühlberger

Only considering its instrumentation – two accordions, one saxophone – trio akk:zent is a unique combination. Packing catchy tunes and sophisticated melodies into complex concept compositions, accompanied by experimental improvisations, is the rigid-anarchistic concept of the three musicians. They create a variant … read more »

Voodoo Jürgens

Voodo Jürgens by Wolfgang Bohusch

Voodoo Jürgens is seen as the next great hope for Austropop. It’s apparent that he has all the attention of the Austrian music scene. And that is certainly thanks to his lyrics. Because the music is of a very reserved nature. A … read more »


Wandl by Simone Cihlar

The versatile artist and producer Lukas Wandl from Vienna is not easy to define: He is a rap producer as well as a jazzy multi-instrumentalist and experimental R&B singer. He first attracted attention with tracks for artists like Young Krillin and Eloquent … read more »