Ángela Tröndle

Ángela Tröndle, Portrait © Severin Koller

From the very begging of Ángela Tröndle’s life, it was clear that she would find her love and profession in music. As the daughter of two musically active parents (mother a cellist and the father a violinst and bratsch) the singer, pianist … read more »

Anna-Maria Hefele

Anna-Maria Hefele by Thomas Radlwimmer

Anna-Maria Hefele aka AMA is a musical phenomenon. She moves between diverse vocal techniques – from classical to polyphonic overtone singing – and accompanies herself perfectly with unusual instruments such as harp and the swedish nyckelharpa trance-like as a matter of course. … read more »


Coshiva, Portraitfoto 2013 © NewtonRec./Elsa Okazaki

The Salzburg born singer-songwriter Coshiva has ever since fascinated growing audiences  with her positive vibes and uplifting music. Creating delightful textures and sonic palates, the multi-instrumentalist blends piano with guitar, mandolin and ukulele to create her iconic joyful sound. The actual name Coshiva … read more »

Crack Ignaz

Crack Ignaz (c) Shirin Siebert

Crack Ignaz from Salzburg has already made international waves with his interpretation of hip hop: The so called “King of the Alps” is constantly on tour, already entered the charts with “Geld Leben” in 2016. In the same year he published his … read more »

Elias Stemeseder

Elias Stameseder, Portraitfoto © Dovile Sermokas

Born in Salzburg, Austria in 1990, Elias lived in Berlin from 2010 and moved to New York in 2015. Besides his main instrument, the acoustic piano, he also plays synthesizers. He performs in a variety of musical idioms ranging from the song-oriented music of Jim Black’s trio to contemporary classical … read more »

Fabian Rucker

Musician, producer, composer. Born 1985 in Salzburg/Austria. ” …an unfamiliar player from Vienna … Rucker was a revelation.” (allaboutjazz)  Rucker’s aim has been to able to move freely in a huge variety of musical concepts but develop his own sound, not only … read more »

Hubert von Goisern

Hubert von Goisern, Portraitfoto © Konrad Fersterer

Hubert von Goisern has been one of the Austrian music scenes most successful representatives for many years now. Not many Austrian artists have been able to remain at the top of the business as long as the ethno-musician from Salzburg. An unstillable … read more »

Hunney Pimp

Hunney Pimp (c) Raphael Moser

After an early musical socialization in Salzburg´s hip hop scene, Hunney Pimp moved to Vienna and developed a new and idiosyncratic sound, which announced itself in the 2016 mixtape “Zum Mond”. In 2017 her debut album “Schmetterlinge” followed. With a special blend … read more »



The band project of the Salzburg producer duo Tobias Rieser and Adrian Held hardly needs any introduction. In 2012 their hit single “Sonnentanz” took the world by storm and brought them instant international fame. The single consistently ranked in the top of the … read more »

Klezmer Connection

The Klezmer Connection, Ensemblefoto © Klezmer Connection

Based in Salzburg, The Klezmer Connection, offers an exhilerant programme of Klezmer and Yiddish songs. The musicians combine traditional and modern formes of Klezmer. On a constant balancing act between joy of life, sadness and sensuality, virtuosic sound paintings emerge. The bandmembers of The Klezmer … read more »