5K HD (c) Hanna Fasching
5K HD (c) Hanna Fasching


Genre(s): Jazz/Improvised Music, Pop
From: Vienna, Austria
Label: inkmusic.at/release/high-performer/
Booking: reinhold.seyfriedsberger@spoon-agency.at
Contact: 5khdmusic@gmail.com
Website: 5khd-music.com



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5K HD is the moniker of Austrian jazz band Kompost 3 and singer Mira Lu Kovacs of Schmieds Puls. They combine jazz, sound experiments, pop, and cinematic surprises. The ensemble is also expert at creating a subtle kind of funk. This supergroup, that doesn’t really want to be called that, released its debut “And To In A” to international critical acclaim in 2017, followed by lauded performances at Ment Ljubljana, Eurosonic Festival 2019, The Great Escape and Primavera Sound. In summer 2019, they announced their latest album “High Performer” and played shows at Haldern Pop Festival, Südtirol Jazz Festival and Reeperbahn Festival 2019.

5K HD consists of Martin Eberle (trumpets), Benny Omerzell (keys), Manu Mayr (bass) and Andreas Lettner (drums) who provide creative and visionary experimental jazz and is fronted by singer Mira Lu Kovacs, who adds as a delicate, yet strong, idiosyncratic, and original voice. Fine ingredients for an excellent cocktail. In 2019, 5K HD are part of the toursupport programme “Focus Acts“. Mira Lu Kovacs was also co-curating the Popfest Wien in July 2019.

5K HD´s  2nd  album “High Performer” was released on Sept 6th. Shortly after the avantgarde-pop formation played at the renowned Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg. Beehype about the latest release:“High Performer might include the most intense collection of songs you’ll hear this year, not just in Europe.”

Last but not least, the supergroup was one of the winners of the MMETA 2020 at Eurosonic Festival and is currently nominated for the “European Album Of The Year 2019”, awarded by Impala – Independent Music Companies Association.


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