5K HD © Ingo Pertramer


Genre(s): Jazz/Improvised Music, Pop
From: Vienna, Austria
Management: office@tomtanzer.com
Label: www.seayourecords.com
Booking: reinhold.seyfriedsberger@spoon-agency.at (AT, int.)
doro@der-bomber-der-herzen.de (GER, NL)
Contact: 5khdmusic@gmail.com
Website: www.5khd-music.com



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5K HD is the moniker of Austrian jazz band Kompost 3 and singer Mira Lu Kovacs. They combine jazz, sound experiments, pop, and cinematic surprises. The ensemble is also expert at creating a subtle kind of funk. This supergroup, that doesn’t really want to be called that, released its debut “And To In A” to international critical acclaim in 2017, followed by lauded performances at Ment Ljubljana and Europavox.

5K HD is fronted by well-known band members from Kompost 3: Martin Eberle (trumpets), Benny Omerzell (keys), Manu Mayr (bass) and Lukas König (drums) provide creative and visionary experimental jazz. Singer Mira Lu Kovacs (of Schmieds Puls fame) adds as a delicate, yet strong, idiosyncratic, and original voice. Fine ingredients for an excellent cocktail.


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