A Thousand Fuegos

A Thousand Fuegos, Portraitfoto © Matthias Peyker
A Thousand Fuegos, Portraitfoto © Matthias Peyker


Genre(s): Electronic
From: Carinthia, Austria
Label: www.seayourecords.com
Booking: ilias@seayourecords.com
Contact: florian@seayourecords.com
Website: athousandfuegos.tumblr.com



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A Thousand Fuegos is the pseudonym of the Austrian artist Matthias Peyker. Peyker, who was born in 1982 in Villach, Carinthia, started his music project in 2006. He first started as a folk artist with acoustic guitar and was associated with the so-called Lo-Fi. Matthias Peyker then expanded his musical spectrum to indie post-rock with elements of electronic music in close relationship with visual arts.

Matthias Peyker has published half a dozen albums and EPs:

2007: Like Black Clouds Through Burning Eyes (Fettkakao)
2008: A Thousand Fuegos (Fettkakao)
2012: The Treachery of Things (Fettkakao)

Singles and EPs
2010: Three Gorges in a Cuckoo’s Egg (7’’, Fettkakao)
2012: No Up and Down (Single)

In 2013 he was nominated for the FM4-Award.


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