Airborne Extended

Airborne extended (c) Nevena Tsvetkova
Airborne extended (c) Nevena Tsvetkova


Genre(s): Contemporary Music
From: Vienna, Austria



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Airborne Extended seems to be a suitable name for the ensemble given that their instruments have an inherent etherical sound quality about them. They range from harp and harpsichord to a selection of ten recorders and four flutes.

The ensemble’s extremely unusual line-up consisting of Caroline Mayrhofer, Doris Nicoletti, Tina Zerdin, and Sonja Leipold is the starting point for a sensitive and nuanced search for unknown tonal combinations. Many of the tones evoke associations to earlier eras. The group’s effort to pry the instruments away from their bourgeois context and to use them in a contemporary fashion is a referential experience. The repertoire of the ensemble is comprised mainly of commissioned works, including those from artists such as Bernhard Lang, Alexander Kaiser, and Wolfgang Mitterer.


An interview with airborne extended

Airborne extended (c) Luigi Opatija

With harpsichord, harp, flute and recorder, the ensemble AIRBORNE EXTENDED offers a unique tonal terrain for contemporary composers. New works by HANNES KERSCHBAUMER, ONUR DÜLGER, ELISABETH SCHIMANA and BRUNO STROBL, for example, were created around … read more »

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