Ángela Tröndle

Ángela Tröndle (c) Domig
Ángela Tröndle (c) Domig


Genre(s): Jazz/Improvised Music
From: Salzburg, Austria
Contact: angela@angelatroendle.com
Website: www.angelatroendle.com



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From the very beginning of Ángela Tröndle’s life, it was clear that she would find her love and profession in music. As the daughter of two musically active parents (the mother a cellist and the father a violinist and viola player), the singer, pianist and composer, born in 1983, seemed to have a path predestined. In her formative years she began studies of the violin and piano, largely in a classical musical vein, but all that changed as soon as she discovered Jazz for herself. The fire was started within her, as in most successful projects is the case, has continued to burn steadily until now.

The native of Salzburg, with her glass-clear and multi-faceted voice, has since taken up in Vienna, and has delved into a plethora of musical styles and directions, which are often packaged in unusual and surprising contexts. As an artist who is, in her nature not one to constrain herself, her music is an open process with much experimentation, and she isn’t afraid to take chances and put herself into unexpected and new musical situations. This is exemplified in her playing style, which spans the entire bandwidth of Jazz, from early traditional to modern contemporary, as well as aspects of classical and chamber music.



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