Anna Anderluh

(c) Maria Frodl


Anna Anderluh is a vocalist, composer, improviser, and multi-instrumentalist whose fragile, thought-provoking songs combine playful experimentation and improvisation with the accessibility of pop music. Her lyrics, in English and German, offer a lighthearted critique of modern life. She likes to accompany her voice with unusual instruments such as a self-modified autoharp, minimalistic loops build with toys as for instance a plastic bag, coffee pot or pinecones, etc. Born in Klagenfurt 1988, she studied jazz and improvised music, as well as physiology of the voice at “Lichtenbergerinstitut“, Germany. Her first solo album “Leave me Something Stupid“ will be released on Session Work Records in May 2021.

She performs with several ensembles in styles as diverse as folk/singer-songwriter, free improvisation, contemporary jazz, contemporary classical music, as well as in various theatrical projects.Anna is on the leadership team for the organization of feminist musicians Fraufeld, where she co-produces concerts and recordings to increase the visibility of female musicians.


“Then there was no turning back” – Anna Anderluh

Picture of Anna Anderluh

The Klagenfurt-born singer, composer, performer and musician ANNA ANDERLUH moves skillfully between jazz and literature, music theater and performance, experimental and new music. A large part takes place in the improvised realm, also the unfinished … read more »