Aze by Amelie Strobl
Aze (c) Amelie Strobl


Genre(s): Indie/Alternative, Pop
From: Vienna, Austria



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Apart from each other they are Beyza and Ezgi, together they form Aze. Since 2020, the duo provides us a nonchalant insight into their deepest inner selves with their sound mix between sad & sexy and the charming, yet playful lyrics. Aze combine all facets of RnB, Indie and Pop with sparks of oriental music; in it they find and offer space to feel, to express and to process – for themselves, but also for their audience. But after all, no drama is too big to not make it more acceptable with a humorous twist – a tried and tested coping mechanism that also works for Aze.

Their single “Call Me Back”, which was released at the end of 2020 without a label or big promo, landed directly in the top 5 of Austria’s influential radioFM4 charts. This was followed by the release of their debut EP “Dead Heat”.

With the creation of the double single “Sweet Talk / Sidewalk”, the mood for their debut album “Hotline Aze” was set – in a moment of cosmic synergy, an atmospheric guitar track and a weepy voice memo from Beyza’s phone found each other and everyone in the room could feel: This is it – A psychopharmacological cocktail of RnB, indie pop and dream rock. The Album “Hotline Aze” was released in Summer 2022 via Ink Music.


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