photo of Bilderbuch (c) Lucas Christiansen
Bilderbuch (c) Lucas Christiansen


Genre(s): Indie/Alternative, Pop
From: Upper Austria, Vienna, Austria



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The story behind Bilderbuch is like a fairy-tale come true. From the humble beginnings as an under-appreciated school band in Upper Austria to international success – it’s all there. But Bilderbuch is anything but a classic rock-band, and anyone who takes a second look can see that immediately. Maurice Ernst (vocals, guitar), Michael Krammer (guitar), Peter Horazdovsky (bass) and Philipp Scheibl (drums) are full of style, attitude and pizazz, and bring the necessary musical skills to convert these attributes into amazing songs.

After two albums – “Nelken & Schillinge” (2009) and “Die Pest im Piemont” (2011) – the single “Plansch” (2013) hit the Austrian music scene like a refreshing tidal wave. From the compelling electronic playfulness and cool, mellow vocals to the juicy music video Bilderbuch proved that their versatility comes along with mad talent. The next single “Maschin” from the EP “Feinste Seide”, released by the band’s newly founded label Maschin Records, sent out a mix of sexy and nerdy sparks, which was again heated up by a brilliant music video. From there, Bilderbuch went from success to success, releasing “Schick Schock” (2015) and “Magic Life” (2017) to rave reviews, winning several Amadeus Austrian Music Awards and touring the German realm incessantly. In December 2018, Bilderbuch released their surprise album “Mea Culpa” and announced yet another album. “Vernissage My Heart” was released in February 2019. Bilderbuch staged two open air concerts at Vienna’s famous Schloss Schönbrunn in a row. These two gigs on May 24 and 25, 2019 gathered around 15,000 people.

In November 2021, Bilderbuch – together with German act Roosevelt – embarked on their first US & Canada tour. Concerts are scheduled in Washington, New York, Montreal, Chicago, Austin and Los Angeles, among others. Following that, their lates album, “Gelb ist das Feld” was released in spring 2022, showing the dynamicsm and breadth of the band which never stops growing or taking risks. Shortly after, their music was broadcasted all over the USA via a collaboration between the national radio platform NPR, Philadelphia’s station WXPN and the program “World Cafe”, FM4 and Austrian Music Export.


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