Brigit Störm

Birgit Ström (c) Filip Wiselka


Genre(s): Indie/Alternative, Pop
From: Vienna, Austria



There are no borders in art or music – a living example of this precept is the alternative Polish-Austrian artist Brigit Störm. Her debut album entitled ‘Prophet’ was released on October 02, 2020, promoted by an atmospheric title single.

Brigit Störm is a singer, songwriter and director of short films. Living both in Austria and Poland offers her new viewpoints, distancing her from the routine aspects of everyday life and making her projects fresh and original. Her affinity for cinematography and other art forms also has an undeniable impact on her musical projects. Usually, even during the music writing stage, she composes with photos or chimeric scenes in mind, as if her compositions were soundtracks to non-existent films. From unusual make-up to enigmatic videos, Brigit manages to create a consistent visual experience that serves to blur the boundaries between the music and the artist herself. It is also no different with ‘Prophet’, as the album is combined with a series of three music videos entitled ‘Prophet Trilogy’, presenting the fate of the eponymous Prophet.

‘Prophet’ as an album is a lyrical confession, reflecting a fear of the future and the inexorable passage of time. It also symbolizes the youthful desire to remain faithful to oneself, regardless of the oppressive gray reality. However, time and integrity are not the only motifs of the album. ‘Prophet’ is also a fight against conflicting feelings, uncertainty and the consequences of rash decisions that Brigit faces. As the artist puts it: In music, I am my most true self, even though the lyrics I write are very open and may not seem very personal. ‘Prophet’ to me is the ultimate truth: everyone can interpret the songs in different ways and see themselves in them, no matter who they are. That’s how music becomes universal.


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