Genre(s): Rock/Metal
From: Vienna, Austria
Contact: fredl@bulbul.at



Founded 1996, Bulbul is probably the most unconventional, trippy and deranged rock formation in Austria. With its signature layer of weirdness, this band is known for playing rock music with a special passion for gritty edges. Musically being nearly impossible to squeeze into one genre, the members of the band – Raumschiff Engelmayr (guitar, vocals), Derhunt (bass) and DDkern (drums) – have always followed their own path with music elements spanning across various styles.

Bestowing the listener with sonic warmth, calm and comfort is certainly not the proclaimed goal of this Viennese troika. Pretty much everything remotely associated with rock is mixed together here, resulting in highly energetic and noisy sounds that are far from mainstream compatibility. As on their album “Hirn fein hacken”, the music is infectious, bold, wild, noisy, bizarre, and yet meticulously structured in ordered chaos.

Unlike other rock bands in the industry, Bulbul have created their very own distinctive style and stand alone as a rapturous testament to individuality and the raw power of rock and noise. Those who have experienced the trio live, already know that the concerts are an electrifying and unforgettable experience, leaving ears ringing with a frenzied blast of sound.


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