Chili & The Whalekillers

Chili and The Whalekillers


The musical style of Chili & the Whalekillers is hard to assign to a specific genre or style category. Yes, the music of Chili Tomasson (vocals, guitar), Hjörtur Hjörleifsson (vocals, bass, guitar), Árni Hjörleifsson (saxophone, vocals), Michael Szedenik (guitar, piano, vocals) and Divad Barx Bitschnau (drums, vocals) could be roughly defined as alternative pop, but such a generic definition doesn’t quite make the cut. Sometimes the music leans more to folk, then again to blues, and then again to something completely different. The gateway to musical expression and diversity is purposely held wide open. The past two years have been successful ones for the burgeoning formation, with numerous concerts bringing the band national and international attention, including a top-3 ranking in the Icelandic charts with their single „Turn„. The band founded in Salzburg is all set for the next big move on an international level and the signs for success look


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