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Genre(s): Pop
From: Vienna, Austria



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DELADAP means “give me the beat” … and the name is its program for the EDM-Neo-Swing group which was founded in 2004 by Prague-born producer and mastermind Stani Vana in Vienna, with musicians from all over the former Austrian monarchy. While the genre Electro-Swing wasn’t even created yet, DELADAP toured extensively around Europe with their unique sounds and beats developing what today could be best described as Urban-Gypsy-Jazz-Pop, fusing Gypsy-roots with modern EDM-beats … simply called EDM-Neo-Swing!

Both melody and lyrics, superbly rendered by front vocalist Christina Kerschner, remind us of the joy of the home couch and unapologetically celebrated laziness. At the same time, each beat bursts with ‘joie de vivre’ and an irrepressible drive to party and experience this world, with all its splendor and contradictions, perennial characteristics of Stani Vana’s music since founding DELADAP in 2004.
Just like all music — indeed, all art — DELADAP brings people together, gets them to connect with each other and tears down the artificial walls that seemingly separate some of us on various levels … simply by literally dancing all over the walls! Omnipresent cultural pessimism is treated lightheartedly with their music. Earning a nomination for the Amadeus Award (the Austrian Grammies) in 2013 for their 4th album “I Know What You Want” DELADAP further developed its musical variety by adding both more electronics and beats on some tracks as well as recording some of the most interesting hits in an unplugged, analogue version they released on vinyl as “Re-Jazzed”.

In 2020 and 2021 DELADAP released and releases a bunch of new hit-singles – set to form a 12-tracks-singles-only new album due for release later in 2021. “Dancing is a luxury, a pleasure to waste time and an excess of emotion without rules!”


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