Der Nino aus Wien

Der Nino aus Wien © Der Nino aus Wien
Der Nino aus Wien © Der Nino aus Wien


Genre(s): Indie/Alternative
From: Vienna, Austria
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Der Nino aus Wien is a fixed part of the Viennese cultural scene. With his lyrics and unique style of dialect singing, he stands in a line with the tradition of the so called Wienerlied. But Der Nino aus Wien wouldn’t have such an impact if he didn’t turn it into his very own Wienerlied. Nino Mandl, who grew up in Hirschstätten, started his musical career in Vienna´s underground scene of the late 2000s.

Started out in 2008 as an acoustic singer-songwriter act, pauT, Raphael Sas, David Wukitsevits joined him, formed „the Ninoband“ and hit Austrian indie-charts hard with “Du Oasch” in 2009. Several nominations for Amadeus Austrian Music Award followed. Starting with 2011 album “Schwunder”, every subsequent piece – “Bulbural” in 2012, both the introspective “Bäume” and weird “Träume” in 2014 – were hitting Austrian charts. “Unser Österreich” is a result of a collaboration with Ernst Molden, followed by major retrospective “Immer noch besser als Spinat”, both in 2015. His first EP “Adria” was released in 2016 and after several attempts he finally was presented an Amadeus Award in the same year. With Natalie Ofenböck he dedicated “Das grüne Album” to Austrian province Steiermark.

In 2018 the Viennese artist released his 10th album, that confidently is selftitled “Der Nino aus Wien”. There Nino proves he still has the best nose for the modern “Wienerlied”. His anniversary album “Der Nino aus Wien” is his most personal album, packed like all others with good, ambiguous songs.

Together with music journalist and scene conaisseur Katharina Seidler (FM4) he curated the two-days festival Popfest Wien in 2018.


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Der Nino aus Wien © Der Nino aus Wien

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