Dobrek Bistro

Dobrek Bistro ©
Dobrek Bistro ©


It was love at first tune. When Polish accordionist Krzysztof Dobrek and Russian violinist Aliosha Biz first met during rehearsals for “Fiddler on the Roof”, it was clear that their future artistic direction would be a common one. Supported by percussionist Luis Ribeiro and Sascha Lackner (bassist) they founded “Dobrek Bistro.” The name of the French restaurant comes from the Russian word bystro (fast). With its name, the quartet describes the virtuoso speed of its performances as well as the melancholic elegance Dobrek, the composer of all the pieces, admires so much in the Parisian musette. Manfred Horak ( once wrote: “Their enthralling, interacting way of playing allows lots of space for improvisation and even more room to allow the audience to immerse itself fully in the melodies. Music inspired from all imaginable corners of the earth is combined to form a compact sound with high recognition value


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