Don’t Go

Don't Go (c) Gabriel Hyden
Don't Go (c) Gabriel Hyden


DON’T GO are Nina Jukić and Alexander Forstner, an Austro-Croatian duo, wife and husband, andartistic partners. Don’t Go are on a quest for the real, the dark and the beautiful, for that which lies beyond shallow conventions.
At concerts, they impress with their skills as multi-instrumentalists – Nina playing the piano, synths and layering vocal harmonies with ease, and Alexander seamlessly switching between drums and guitar. Their sound is a purposeful and thought-through intersection of pop and meditative sonic explorations, drawing inspiration equally from minimalist composers and Radiohead, Beyoncéand hip-hop. The result is uniquely their own.
After their self-released EP “Dark Country” (2016), and years of playing gigs in Austria and Croatia, they are now back with new material and an album deal with SEAYOU RECORDS. In the making of their first LP, they have been collaborating with the producer Sophie Lindinger(Leyya, My Ugly Clementine), successfully finding that sweet spot between the catchy and the unpredictable.


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