don_t go

don_t go © Olena Newkryta
don_t go © Olena Newkryta


don_t go are Nina Jukić (vocals, piano, synths) and Alexander Forstner (drums, guitar, electronics). Their truly unique music is a delicate balance between melancholy and catchy grooves, between intensity and softness. It transcends genres and sends you off on a cathartic journey through imaginative sonic landscapes, while at the same time making your body move. Nina’s extraordinary, warm vocals reveal a deep emotional authenticity and draw the listener into her inner world, while Alexander’s exploratory spirit brings the most out of being both the guitarist and the drummer of the band.

Live looping is the fundamental principle of don_t go’s impressive live performances. They want to explore the possibilities and limitations of their set-up as a duo, so they do not use a laptop on stage. This nevertheless results in exciting and surprisingly rich textures of complex, interweaving vocal and instrumental layers.
don_t go started making music together in 2013, after moving to Vienna from their hometowns of Zagreb and Graz. Since then, they have played at numerous concerts and festivals. Their debut EP Dark Country was released in 2016. Currently they are working on their first LP. In the meantime, they also got married.


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