Foli, Douba

Douba Foli, Bandfoto 2016 © Mike Ranz
Douba Foli © Mike Ranz


Genre(s): World Music
From: , Austria


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With his latest bandproject Douba Foli the Austria-based balafon player Mamadou Diabate (Burkina Faso) unites professional musicians from Austria and West Africa. The brothers Abdoulaye and Modibo Diabate (Mali) are members of the band. As well as Mamadou Diabate they come from the family of the Griots. Griots are musical storytellers of their tradition. The unique style of these two singers from Mali has made them perhaps the best known brother duo in West Africa. Their knowledge of old traditions, offered in melodic arches sung in unison, and their often dance-like movements on the stage enchant audiences from the first note. In 2016 Douba Foli released their album “Noir et Blanc” and played at several festivals in Austria, also at the Int. Jazzfestival Saalfelden.  The band has been invited at the Katsumama Afrika Festival.



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