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Genre(s): Electronic
From: , Austria
Booking: booking@drahthaus.at
Contact: info@drahthaus.at
Website: drahthaus.at



DRAHTHAUS is a collective of creatives founded in 2015, whose proclaimed agenda is to question old structures. Ludwig Ascher, Valentin Martins, Simon Öggl, Hans Zoderer are using more than 20 acoustic instruments, digital instruments, and everyday objects to perform electronic music that smoothly moves beyond genre-restrictions, including jazz elements as well as atmospheric electronica tunes.
Drahthaus creates buildings out of sounds. The playful, at the same time intuitive as well as sophisticated musical architecture of the Viennese band merges labyrinthine constructions, geometric subjects and flowing forms into an audio-visual structure: an extraordinarily broad spectrum of musical influences is united under one roof. The building material form traditional and innovative sound generators that interact in a productive symbiosis both in the studio and live on stage. Their self titled debut album was released in April 2020 on monkey.


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