DRAMAS (c) Tim Cavadini


Genre(s): Electronic, Pop
From: Vienna, Austria
Management: m@fabrique.at
Label: fabrique.at
Booking: klaus@arcadia-live.com
Contact: m@fabrique.at
Website: www.dramasmusic.com



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Founded in 2016, DRAMAS immediately presented a strong, emotional debut with their debut album Nothing Is Permanent (2018) and landed indie airplay hits across Europe with several singles from it. Subsequently, Viktoria Winter and Mario Wienerroither – who incidentally thrills millions of people worldwide with his Musicless Music videos on Youtube, even becoming an official BBC award winner – also made a name for themselves as an exciting live band. DRAMAS convinced at numerous festivals or as top-class tour support for the British shooting star Cosmo Sheldrake.

The fact that DRAMAS can also be counted on internationally in the long term was recently underlined by the duo in the pandemic year 2020 with the singles Bloodbath and Undercover Dreamer, as well as this year’s indie hits Candy and Noday, all of which caused a sensation on over 100 radio stations across Europe.

Driven by the fascination for unconscious opposites and resistances, Viktoria Winter and Mario Wienerroither once again pack the clash of different worlds, perspectives and emotions in reduced, deeply moving music into their self-titled second album DRAMAS (2021). With success.

What’s so heavy on this mind?, DRAMAS once asked in a song and to this day consistently celebrate the juxtaposition of these opposites musically with their very own sound. With apparent ease, Wienerroither blends stylistic ingredients from various genres, cinematic soundscapes, synthesizer, electro, drum and percussion sounds with Winter’s unmistakable voice to create an even greater whole.


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