DRAMAS (c) Peter Draxl
DRAMAS (c) Peter Draxl


Genre(s): Electronic, Pop
From: Vienna, Austria
Label: www.fabrique.at
Booking: klaus@arcadia-live.com
Contact: m@fabrique.at
Website: www.dramasmusic.com



Check band website for international concerts.


DRAMAS are an electro-/art pop duo, formed in 2016 by Viktoria Winter and Mario Wienerroither. DRAMAS are driven by rather unconventional chord progressions and structures, sparse and subtle synthesis of organic sounds, a blend of soft yet powerful synths, crisp percussion and vocal harmonies. The duo proves to be a perfectly harmonious team that knows exactly how to transform music into a really exciting and atmospherically condensed affair. They do it in a refreshingly relaxed way with just the bare minimum – a few piano sounds, airy synth passages, playful electronic riffs and discreet beats.

Their debut album “Nothing Is Permanent” was released in 2018 by Fabrique Records, followed by the EP “Flatline” in 2019. Dramas already performed at festivals like Popfest Wien, Waves Vienna and the Radio FM4 Fest, but also ventured outside Austria with radio airplay from Germany to Lithuania, from Slovenia to Sweden and Poland.


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