(c) Nicolás Hafele


Dreimalumalpha was founded in 2013 and went through several changes. Since 2018 is the official band consisting of Simon Rogina (vocals/guitar), Johannes Hahmann (drums) and Thomas Krug (bass/vocals). The story-telling trio is known for their sometimes deep, philosophical, but also exciting and society- and capitalism- critical, yet hopeful, lyrics, which always fit into a (self-)ironic context.

Dreimalumalpha released their debut EP “Bleibt Zurück” in autumn of 2018 and focused on touring and writing their debut album “Jugend ans Geld verloren” which was released in December 2020 by Motormusic Berlin. “Jugend ans Geld verloren” consists of many moving songs as “Am Karussell von Ingo Blaumann” and their latest release “Und wenn es dann funktioniert” wich is a hybrid of critics of world politic practises and an ironic party refrain.

Dreimalumalpha’s hit single “Zu Besuch” stayed in the RadioFm4-Charts for several weeks and the band was also “RadioFm4-Soundpark Act of the Month December”.


FM4 Soundpark Act of the Month: Dreimalumalpha

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