DUO 4675

Duo 4675 (c) Mani Froh
Duo 4675 (c) Mani Froh


Unconventional, non-traditional and uncategorizable are probably the three most fitting adjectives that apply to the sound of DUO 4675. The siblings Astrid und Beate Wiesinger are not confined to any boundaries and create a refreshing new jazz sound with saxophone and double bass that is far off from beaten paths. Stylistically, the Upper Austrian musicians, who have made the postal code of their hometown their band‘s name, draw their inspiration from a wide range of genres, integrating elements from jazz to blues to pop in a wonderfully whimsical manner. The pieces of the duo are often coupled with mighty grooves, sometimes in a beautifully melodic way, then again in a completely free form. Duo 4675 is chosen to be NASOM act 2020/21.


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