Duo Hofmaninger/Schwarz

Duo Hofmaninger Schwarz (c) Hans Klestorfer
Duo Hofmaninger Schwarz (c) Hans Klestorfer


DUO HOFMANINGER/SCHWARZ is a jazz duo that takes a completely different musical route and dares to experiment. Having already worked together several times in the past years, Lisa Hofmaninger (soprano saxophone, bass clarinet) and Judith Schwarz (drums) have now joined forces for this new project and embark on a journey through time. The starting point of their project is “davul-zurna”, which is the oldest musical line-up documented in our cultural history. “Davul” means “drum” in Turkish, “zurna” refers to the original double reed instruments in Turkey, a precursor to the oboe. The goal of Lisa Hofmaninger and Judith Schwarz is to reawaken this kind of sound and approach this original form of music from the East with their own instruments. Duo Hofmaninger/Schwarz has been selected as NASOM “New Austrian Sound of Music” act 2020-21.


Austrian Day at Jazztopad Festival 2019

Jazztopad Festival 2019 (c) Jazztopad Festival

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Austrian Artists at the 60th Ljubljana Jazz Festival

In June 2019 the Ljubljana Jazz Festival is celebrating its 60th anniversary! From Austria, MANU MAYR, SYNESTHETIC 4, HOFMANINGER & SCHWARZ, and CHRISTOF KURZMANN will perform at one of the oldest continuous jazz festivals in Europe. … read more »


First Gig Never Happened (c) HansKlestorfer

On their debut album “Mingus without bass, Monk without hat” (Alessa Records) FIRST GIG NEVER HAPPENED present contemporary, modern interpretations of works by the two jazz grandmasters THELONIOUS MONK and CHARLES MINGUS. The convictions of … read more »