Duo [:klak:]

Klak (c) Stefan Grauf-Sixt


Genre(s): World Music
From: Carinthia, Austria
Management: anfrage@wagners-musikagentur.de
Label: www.klakmusic.com/
Booking: anfrage@wagners-musikagentur.de
Contact: info@klakmusic.com
Website: www.klakmusic.com/



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It is already the rather uncommon combination of accordion, clarinet, percussion and vocals that lets Duo [:klak:] stand out from the crowd. However, it is not only the duo’s instrumentation that makes the music of the two Carinthians Stefan Kollmann (accordion) and Markus Fellner (clarinet, percussion, vocals) so special. Stylistically moving along the lines of tango nuevo, musette, klezmer and jazz, their impressive songs are perfectly melded together, as if by magic, with: gentle and tense melodies pending between fragile melancholy and pure joy, the many different styles, the musical sophistication of the two protagonists and their ability to present music that is hauntingly beautiful, and at the same time an effortless elegance and a lot of soul.

Stefan Kollmann – accordion
Markus Fellner – clarinet, percussion, vocals


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