Duo Ovocutters

Ovocutters by Ovocutters
ovocutters (c) ovocutters


Not only is the name DUO OVOCUTTERS eccentric but the line-up reflects a bold choice. Behind the duo are the harpsichordist Sonja Leipold and accordionist Christoph Hofer. Two underestimated instruments of different origin and with opposing sound qualities meet: contrapuntal playing from the stubborn and sonorous sound of the accordion meshes with the fragile sounds of the harpsichord. One of the duo’s goals is to function as a go-between between new and old music, contemporary literature, and pieces from the baroque and pre-classical periods. Innovative playing techniques and the referential sound aura of the instruments are what make the masterful duo stand out. The sounds themselves in the contemporary context are, for the most part, free of attributions, the possibilities for expression are diverse, and the pieces are seldom played.



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