Edgar Tones

Edgar Tones


Genre(s): Jazz/Improvised Music
From: Vienna, Austria
Management: tom@earcandy.co.at
Label: www.couchrecords.com/
Booking: tom@earcandy.co.at
Website: edgartones.com/



Think of the roaring twenties, wild and glittering and full of radiant smiles and bubbling champagne! Can you smell the thick cigar smoke, can you feel the sultry scent of the night on your skin, filled with the music of pianos and saxophones, the daze of shiny flapper dresses in the limelight and oooh, so much glamour?! This is the world of Edgar Tones and his Susis. Sophisticated but wild, emotional and brave, classical with an electronica twist. The eclectic swing sounds will not let you keep your feet still and take you right back to the times of the Great Gatsby, decadent parties and pure joy of life!

Musical mastermind Vlado dZihan aka Edgar Tones, the renowned musician, who – together with Mario Kamien aka duo dZihan & Kamien – brought us Gran Riserva a little more than a decade ago. Now he’s back with this wonderful clash of jazz and electronic music, a feast for the soul. His blend of, swing, jazz and electronic music revive the golden age of live dance music and embody pure exaltation.

The album is full of surprises and colourful emotions, from 007 glamour to smokey Jazz bar flavours and of course, really, really good dance music. Edgar Tones & The Susis is about stylish ease. Edgar Tones & The Susis is entertaining music for exciting people.


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