Elis Noa

Elis Noa (c) Vilma Pflaum
Elis Noa (c) Vilma Pflaum


Genre(s): Pop
From: Vienna, Austria
Label: www.lasvegasrecords.at/
Contact: contact@elisnoa.com
Website: www.elisnoa.com/



The Viennese trio Elis Noa explores the boarders of electronic pop, diving into different influences from pop, over contemporary R’n’B to future soul. On their second EP “Love Letters”, released in spring 2019, Elis Noa tells a story of the different states of love, separated in four acts and wrapped up in distinctive sound. One time more, Elis Noa members Elisa Godino, Angel Vassilev and Aaron Hader prove their love of music with a particularly detailed production.


XA – Music Export Award 2019

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10th Popfest Wien: Programme

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