Endless Wellness

Photo of Endless Wellness (c) Rea von Vic
Endless Wellness (c) Rea von Vic


Genre(s): Indie/Alternative
From: Vienna, Austria
Management: office@spoon-agency.at
Booking: valentin.geiseder@spoon-agency.at



Date City Venue Country
24. Apr. 2024 Nürnberg MUZ Germany
26. Apr. 2024 Cologne c/o Pop festival Germany
Time: 12:00am.


You hear a twangy, overdriven Western guitar, underlaid by an organ. Sometimes a gloomy synthesizer joins the mix. Call it ‘fuzz folk’, or just indie music. Call it “Big Thief in German,” “early Tocotronic, but later,” or “Isolation Berlin from Vienna” – comparisons are hard to come by. The obscurely poetic German lyrics are a high-decibel confrontation with depression that always connects to society in the end, from micro- to macro. A call to action against a dysfunctional system rife with failed climate policy and resurgent Fascism. Songs to listen to alone or to dance to in a group, shaking the weight from your shoulders. The band manages to capture our time and its spirit, transforming them into melancholic – but comforting – warmth. Alternative love songs for mindfulness, for positivity…for Endless Wellness.


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Photo of Endless Wellness (c) Rea von Vic

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