Fainschmitz (c) Fainschmitz
Fainschmitz (c) Fainschmitz


Genre(s): Global, Jazz/Improvised Music
From: Vienna, Austria
Management: fainschmitz@gmx.at
Label: threesaintsrecords.jimdo.com/
Booking: booking@fainschmitz.com
Contact: fainschmitz@gmx.at
Website: www.fainschmitz.com/
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Fainschmitz create music to dance and to cuddle. One can meet multilingual megaphone lyrics, driving guitar, powerful bass, wild and gentle sounds of saxophone, trumpet and clarinet. They perform own songs between Gypsy Swing, Chanson, Jazz, Pop and Punk.

The band consists of four guys who have adopted the driving rhythm of Gypsy Swing to make it their own thing, four musicians who have worked in different fields after their jazz studies (free-jazz, post-jazz, literature, hip-hop) and develop a very special energy together. With virtuosity and a self-deprecating humor they tour through Europe and plays concerts in bars, clubs and theaters, at parties, festivals and on the streets. After over 100 concerts in 2 years the debut album was released in June 2018 on Three Saints Records. The band presented their new piece of work at the Int. Jazzfestival Saalfelden and the Mandrea Music Festival.

Fainschmitz are:

  • Matthias Vieider – saxophon, clarinet, voice
  • Alexander Kranabetter – trumpet
  • Jannis Klenke – guitar
  • Martin Burk – double bass


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