photo of FARCE (c) Apollonia T. Bitzan
FARCE (c) Apollonia T. Bitzan


Genre(s): Electronic, Indie/Alternative
From: Vienna, Austria
Management: farcenoise@gmail.com
Label: www.futsfut.com/
Booking: samira.wacker@dq-agency.com
Contact: farcenoise@gmail.com
Website: farce.cool



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Producer, songwriter and artist Veronika J. Koenig – known by her stage name FARCE – remains unimpressed with genre restrictions and finds her niche in anything that is heavy in bass and intense in emotion. At home in the feminist underground as well as the international avant-garde, FARCE is also passionately involved in promoting young talent in the queer music scene. Her oeuvre spans not only her solo works, but also continuous collaborations with likeminded artists like Fauna, Clara Luzia, Aether Kombo, most recently “thee silence” – an instantly iconic, esoteric, rhythmic duet with Soap&Skin. FARCE is (co-)producer of acts like Anthea, Sakura and Juno Lee. Reminiscent of acts like Robyn and LCD Soundsystem and St. Vincent, FARCE continues to produce an intoxicating mix of rather violent, experimental ideas finding a home in theatrical and flamboyant Pop music.

As FARCE’s artistic development continues to grow, so does her fanbase and impact on the music market. In addition to international attention from Charli XCX and a feature with Soap&Skin, FARCE recently won the XA Award at Waves Vienna, so there’s a lot going on at the moment. After several bigger profile shows, the nomination for Amadeus Award and the release of her second album, FARCE is  performing at different partner festivals and showcases all around Europe this summer.


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