(c) Miriam Zach


Genre(s): Indie/Alternative, Pop
From: Vienna, Austria



There’s a plethora of singers and songwriters out there and though a lot of these musicians are great many don’t manage to fully catch your attention. FREUDE is one trying to achieve just that. The young musician who is based in Vienna, Austria, tells stories on topics that most of the others don’t touch. 

Being a very socially aware man, FREUDE (which literally translates as “Joy”) is interested in the chasms, the spiritual abyss and sings about them in an often brutally honest way. Yet it’s not despair that his songs spread, rather there’s always a sense of “not all is lost” in FREUDE’s music. He points at something he deems worth thinking about and wants his listeners to make up their own minds. FREUDE himself expands on this in a regular podcast he is hosting thus grating further insight into his genuine interest in people and their stories.

FREUDE’s first single was released shortly after the Corona-pandemic turned everybody’s lives upside down and garnered great reviews as did every subsequent release. His coarse vocals have already become his trademark and contrast wonderfully with the poppy yet never shallow melodies that carry the music.

After several singles in 2020 the plan for 2021 is to release a full length album as FREUDE’s stories fit and need the format. And circumstances permitting, of course FREUDE wants to present his music live on stage. 


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