Gazelle & the Bear

(c) Hanna Fasching


The songwriting duo “Gazelle & the Bear” is presenting their debut album “Weird Shaped Clouds”, a collection of songs which playfully connects pop music, modern Jazz and Hip Hop. Stories about self-love, confrontations with oneself and others and the ongoing dance between wanting and having to do something and still encountering yourself with honesty. In their creative process Ines Kolleritsch and Julian Berann created an intimate space, a warm cloud of sound which embraces the listener’s ears. “Weird Shaped Clouds” is a play between complexity and simplicity in the most gentle way.


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Gazelle & the Bear – “We associate our music with a cloud of sound that you can lie in”

The sensational duo GAZELLE & THE BEAR released their debut album “Weird Shaped Clouds” in January 2021. Behind GAZELLE & THE BEAR are the well-known musicians INES KOLLERITSCH (LUCID KID, AMADEUS VÚLKAN, MARAVICA) and the … read more »