Georg Vogel

Georg Vogel by Marie Jecel
Georg Vogel by Marie Jecel


Genre(s): Contemporary Music, Jazz/Improvised Music
From: Vienna, Austria



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Georg Vogel is a keyboardist, composer and instrument maker. Aside from regular solo performances, he leads the 31-tone ensemble Dsilton (with David Dornig and Valentin Duit), Flower (with Raphael Preuschl and Michael Prowaznik), Tree (with Andreas Waelti and Michael Prowaznik); he also performs in duo with Elias Stemeseder, in the trio GeoGeMa with Matheus Jardim and Gerald Preinfalk, and with the Max Nagl 5.

He is a composer of works in polytonal/microtonal tuning systems and for newly developed instruments, such as the 31-tone Claviton keyboards; he has also developed and built the multi-tonal keyboard instruments E-, A- and M-Claviton with 31 keys per octave. Performed and published compositions at numerous concerts and on several recordings. He has authored  theoretical works on the subjects of n-tolic time signatures, rhythmic systematics and improvisation, compositional techniques, and polytonal/microtonal music. He is co-editor of the journal “Enharmntolische Theorie & Praxis” and has been a guest lecturer on intonation and tuning at the University of Music in Vienna and at numerous European symposia and conferences on microtonality.



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