Gitarren der Liebe

Gitarren der Liebe, Bandfoto © Max Wegscheidler
Gitarren der Liebe, Bandfoto © Max Wegscheidler


After their album Nietzsche in Love (2014, Pumpkin Records)  Gitarren der Liebe released “How I Failed To Trick My Destiny” in 2015 –  a 12“ album that comes in a DIY-silk-screen-sweing-sweatshop-sleeve. Attached download comes unexcited. Epic Bernd Heinrauch (Melvins, Chicks On Speed, Mark Deutrum and Hella Comet) recorded it. The Gitarren Der Liebe are a versatile quartet: One multi facetted singer, one blooming bass that is in fact a violin, one guitar (no plural) and one drummer, who is playing an 80s casio. Irina Karamarkovic, Kurt Bauer, Robert Lepenik and Martin Pfeiffer are also known for their appearance on theatre stages, solo and other band projects, as The Striggles, Binder-Kriegelstein and Jakuzi’s Attempt.


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